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into the upper 60s. 66 downtown. dc at 67. these temperatures will continue to fall during the course of the evening. low 30s for tonight. we have a big game tonight at the stadium. 64 degrees. clear skies. not mild, but cooling down. we'll be into the 50s as we end the overnight hours. hour by hour overcast going to 49. >>> he survived a shooting on the first day of school and now he is out of the hospital. he greeted people to show up for a special fund-raiser in his honor. cheryl connor was there as an end of summer party got a chance to do something good for this tough young man. >> reporter: out on the pier fitted with a life jacket, he goes with his parents and siblings. this is far from the doctors where he spent two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry haul high on the first day of school. we got to follow his boat on a ride he has never had before. it takes about ten minutes to get to the island where he waves to the boaters who are here for him. >> he was smiling and really loved it when she got wet. >> reporter: it was planned for this day, but they turned it into a fu
with a breezy cool start that early morning swim. water temperature has been averaging the mid60s so we will say 65. that will be it here from the meadowbrook aquatic center. we are proud to be a part of this effort. the third year of effort for this event that will help raise funds to research the latest cutting edge technology to treat cancer. >> all right. >> i know you did a great job and you will make us all proud. >> we do our best. it's a long way. >> thank you. >> ten years, one thousand students and 4 million-dollar renovations, today a hip baltimore cut the ribbon following cameras in for the first time for a tour of the work that's done donations, a one million dollar prosecute -- two schools that both serve students under served neighborhoods. this round of renovations at the roland patterson brings their elementary and middle schools under the same roof and does major repairs. >>> now to a very hot topic for parents out there tonight. a new survey published this week say that anywhere between 15 to 45% of moms believe letting their kids taste alcohol is okay. the researchers be
have a mostly clear sky overhead. temperatures into the 70s at the present hour. we are dealing with numbers that are well below average, 74 in town. 5 -- 75 in easton. certain cool air on ton of that and that will be the trend over the next several days. notice the dew points into the 40s. that's an indication of dry air massments clear skies, light northwesterly wind. so we have high deal conditions for the game tonight. you'll see temperatures rapidly falling into the 60s through the course of the evening. we have three systems in the atlantic. upper 40s for overnight lows. that's coming up. >> all right. there are two keys to the best ravens parking, close and cheap. paying for a spot for both could and up getting you towed if you're not careful. joce sterman last a warning that you need to see before you hand over cash neither stadium. >> reporter: just because someone has a sign selling cheap spots doesn't mean you're good to g some are scammers. with 70,000 fans trying to get into m&t bank stadium, parking is at a premium. in some lot owners sell the spots. in other cases
city. look at oakland, a struggle to get out of the 60s. we hit 63 degrees. it is all about the dewpoints running into the 50s. that will be the trend. dry air over the next five to six days. >> 71 for your temperature. falling back into the 60s and monday at 59 degrees starting out. >> we have one weather story to talk about, leslie, a huge storm. we'll talk about that seven-day forecast that you're going to love, in just a little bit. >> what a side weekend. baltimore came out to pay respects. several thousand people filed passed the casket of art modell this weekend. it was taken over by somber fans and music of frank sinatra. here is more. >> reporter: to be soothed by thousands of family members, it makes me feel elated. i could shrug out the door. >> all you done for baltimore, thank you. >> thanks for the memories. >> they lined up waiting for the gates to open at 11:00 saturday morning. no beer, hot dogs or cheering stands. the people like ben davis who wants to give his son and daughter a history lesson about their hometown. >> i tried teaching my kids about the his
mainly to provide meals. >> antiu.s. demonstration are spreading in the middle east a day after the american ambassador to libya was killed. >> reporter: first egypt, then libya, now yemen. protesters tried stearming -- storming the embassy while yelling "death to america." the anger is over a picture of the prophet mohammed representing fraud. >> there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: investigators are still tracking the men who carried out tuesday's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed ambassador chris stevens and others. two u.s. warships are positioned near by a majority of libyans have condemned the attack. >> tell the learn people we are so sorry about the killing of ambassador stevens, one person said. >> reporter: we are learning more about the film entitled "innocence of muslim." a man has admitted to managing the production company, but cindy says it was the filmmaker who changed the script. >> he said tell the world it wasn't me that- he that did it but me. i'm tired of radical muslims going around
>>> tonight on "nightline," americans under siege. another angry assault on a u.s. embassy in the middle east, as demonstrators breach the walls of the u.s. compound in yemen. amid growing protests across the region over a mysterious, inflammatory film that's igniting anti-american fury. >>> as mcdonald's announces it will post calorie counts on menus nationwide and big sodas are banked in restaurants in new york city. we ask, does any of this make a dent on the war on fat? >>> and, eureka! from a peel-free hard boiled egg maker to the next big gym craze, inside the nerve center that transforms wannabe-inventor's big ideas. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 13th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. tonight, it was a day of fury, as violent anti-american protests erupt at u.s. embassies across the arab world. in cairo tonight, clashes with police have turned violent, after hundreds stormed the american compound in yemen earlier today. it's all part of the
>>> this morning, we begin with breaking news. >> anti-u.s. violence in two cities. two americans killed. protesters enraged by an american-made film. their anger, threatening to spread across the arab world. >>> powerful monsoons deluge las vegas, trapping people in their cars. and leaving some clinging to trees. >>> and before you make those vitamins, listen to the new study about fish oils. not the lifesaver they claim to be. >>> and the dog with their own guide dog. they charmed the world months ago. and now, some good news about this very special pair. >>> good morning. i'm john muller. rob nelson's on assignment. >> and i'm paula faris. we begin with new fears about anti-american violence after a deadly attack in libya. >> two state department employees have been killed in an assault on the u.s. consulate. >> abc's tahman bradley has been following the story throughout the night. >> reporter: a controversial film is believed to be igniting violence against u.s. embassies in the arab world. in benghazi, libya, two state employees were killed when a mob set fire to the u.s. co
chill the other night. >> remember that movie. 08's classic. this is going to be the coldest night in a while. we are talking mid40s by daybreak. spots -- out to the west could be flirting the upper 30s. it could happen. >> like that. >> it's -- it's not here to stay though. it's hear to pass. you can see the highs in upper 60's, low 70's. 70's eastern baltimore, and parts of the eastern shore. it was mostly upper 60's to the north and west. just 66 today in the weatherbug site in westminister. now tonight look at the numbers. 47 now in ellicott city. 43 in middle town. the numbers beginning to really drop here and we will look at mid40s. obviously to the west, west of hancock. 30s on the board tonight. there is a frost warning up for garret county maryland. clear and cold over night. that's the deal and that will continue to be the case and hour by hour tomorrow it's going to be a climb into the 70's after a cold start. more on this coming up. >> musterer identifying moments for people an apartment complex. someone threw bombs in to their homes as they slept. >> fire crews say
friends. salisbury, a little warmer. hey, mid-60s, 65 in columbia now. 68 in edgemere. 62347 davids -- 67 in davidsonville. across the entire east coast any rain is offshore. as we look at the hour by hour forecast, 60s and 50s overnight. as we push tard daybreak tomorrow that's when we look for a chilly start. 48 degrees by first thing early tomorrow morning. you want to check out our abc2 weather and news app. even when the weather's quiet. you might want to check ot our abc2 weather app. back to you. >> in the more than 200 year history only two deputies have died in the line of duty. that number has doubled within a week. comrades laid to rest sergeant adam lock ran. >> reporter: for the second time in a week a hearse pulls before mountain christian coach in joppa carrying a baltimore deputy. he stood among his comrades at another funeral but this one is his own. he felt discomfort at that funeral a week ago and thought it was heart burn. the same night a heart attack would take his life. >> there are critics who believe that to be a hero that there needs to be drama, died in a gunfir
in to the 50s. nice i. radar showing us that the bulk of the heaviest activity the rain well up to central pennsylvania. out around state college, maybe a couple scattered showers. not really headlining that. the winds pick up as we go in to the next 24 hours, 69 in town. look at frederick. we had temperatures in to the 50s in pittsburgh. that is the cooler air that will come into place. the planner looks like this. we will start out tomorrow morning with 60 degrees, the breeze picked up around lunch or 72 degrees. afternoon highs between 70 to 75 in the city and then nice cooldown as we head into sunday and monday. we will talk tropics and nadine over the central atlantic. >> thank you. two murders this summer at a bar in parkville may change how the owners do business. the liquor board will review the license for that establishment. >> reporter: >> reporter: if the license is taken the bar may have to shut down. people who live next door say it's a long time coming and reason to celebrate. everybody knows the name but it's not celebrated like cheers in boston. the bar has captured headl
through the course of this evening. nighttime temperatures falling back into the 60s. and waking up tomorrow to breezy, blended sunshine and clouds with a temperature around 60. we'll talk more about that front and the weekend forecast, maybe a big storm for monday that is coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. >>> police are constantly patrolling a part of glen burnie looking for a man they say burglarized the home of a 70-year-old woman. she was not hurt, but the case bears an eerie resemiwhat happens of a crime that happened in the same block two years ago. >> reporter: this burglary happened last saturday night. the suspect hid his face, was armed and took off running when he realized his victim was awake. since the weekend, the anne arundel police have been patrolling the street, checking ids and pulling over cars that look suspicious. the response has been very obvious because this latest burglary resembled those that happened a couple of years ago, one in which an elderly victim was sexually assaulted. [ and that same street on country club drive, there was a sexual assault
, touched off by an inflammatory movie made here in the u.s. >> this is what it looks like at the u.s. embassy in cairo overnight. we've seen demonstrations, throwing stones, molotov cocktails and police fighting back with tear gas. >> and that violence is putting embassies across the middle east, on high alert. the egyptian government is actively monitoring the situation, after a reportedly blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally. but we don't consider them an enemy. >> reporter: in yemen, protesters smashed windows and climbed the walls of the u.s. embassy compound in the capital of sanaa. the anger in the middle east, was sparked by a film that insults the prophet muhammad. >> there is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: the violence began on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks, at the u.s. consulate in libya. that attack left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, state department employee, sean smith, and former
're in the 60s. pretty comfortable 66 reading. if you're heading out to the game, 55 at first pitch. 9th inning, low 50s. keep it cool at 60 on the way t. 55 during the nighttime hour. tomorrow a crisp morning. we'll time out the wet weather. the forecast has a warming trend. that's coming up. >>> beautiful weather for the orioles. a double header with the blue jays. they're trying hard to make their case in the post season. jamie costello is the biggest chore leader. jamie, what are the fans saying. i've seen so much orange than i've seen in years. >> let's be frank about this. these are the playoffs this week and next. that's a winner takes all. they're leading 4-0 as we go into the top of the 7th inning. i want to show you this line has been nonstop sense 9:00 this morning. it has been a long time since we have seen a walkup like this. we set shop up on the deck in center field where adam jones sent his 32nd home run of the year followed by a solo shot and steve johnson, five shutout innings. let's hear from the fans tonight. >> going to win the division. no wild cards. >> this just happens
looks good for the event. basically a morning in the low 60s, water temple in the mid60's and once you are out there swimming hard that air temperature and water temperature will be fine. we are live at meadowbrook. more live from here. >> you can nominate a swimmer, football player or a field hockey player for a student athlete of the week. abc 2news joining a belaire honda find the local star of the week. we will feature the student in the newscast to nominate your favorite just log on to the website. >> we know that air travelers expenses so you want to do everything you can to save money but you are probably making one of the seven most common booking errors, find out what they are to keep extra cash. >> and the millersville gill with a rare medical condition. how they are teaming up to help her. >> and looking beautiful this afternoon. some of those cotton ball clouds dancing across the skyline but trouble is brewing for saturday. a full look at the forecast coming up on the other side of the break. . >>> you will have a new way to buy groupons. they are revealing their one on
're in the upper 70s to low 80s. 74 in bowie. 78 and 79 in goldsboro. those are even with our highs on the day. current conditions at bwi gusting to 19 earlier today so a little breezy at times. check out the sunshine dominating the pictures here throughout the afternoon. there will be some changes as we work into the day tomorrow. we're clear now, but take a look to the north and west. big storm system pinwheeling, spiraling over the northern great lakes. south of the system a cold front being pushed in our direction. that will change the weather through the weekend. we'll talk about all those changes coming up. >>> he caught the full blast from a shotgun in the back but 17-year-old daniel borowy is now on president road to recovery. tomorrow he will attend a special fund-raiser in his honor on hart miller island. jeff? >> reporter: it was already billed as the bon voyage party but now there's a fund-raiser to help cover his medical expenses. it could be in excess of $100,000. that doesn't even begin to cover the inhome care, rehabilitation and other expenses yet to could. after the gunshot s
. the numbers were released by the u.s. department of labor. maryland saw an increase in the unemployment rate. nevada continues to have the highest and north dakota has the lowest. >>> temperature wise it's comfortable. nice start to the weekend. we have a clear sky, a little sunlight and temperatures in the mid-70s. bel air upper 70s. humidity has come up in the last few hours. that's having an impact. clear now but a new front is on the board and beginning to march in our direction. it's sparking showers across northern indiana, northern ohio. as we go into the latter evening, mid-60s by morning and clouds on the increase. we'll talk about how conditions will change saturday this time, saturday evening. >>> general motors is recalling more than 450,000 cars tonight. some of them are rolling away unexpectedly. they affect the malibu g6 and saturn ora. the problem is in the transmission cable. owners will get a warning letter in the mail. >>> there will be fewer jobs at american airlines. american filed for bankruptcy last year. now more than 2200 flight attendants have signed up for severanc
to get in the 70s. watch what happens. late this afternoon and evening you saw a band of rain come in and drop temperatures. it gave us a lot of clouds. quarter of an inch in a bucket. we had a few close north and west of town. beautiful shot in dundalk. storm clouds in play with the sunsetting. the shot downtown is looking really beautiful. 73 degrees this afternoon. should be around 72. we are on par for average. 92 record high. that was set back in 1986. morning lows 51. normally should be 52. we were on norm for the afternoon. temperatures were in the 70s two hours ago. now 63. eastern shore 70. rain is on its way. that will cool temperatures down. clouds in place now. they will push south. dew points still low in the 40s. we'll see 40s for overnight lows in the predawn hours of montana morning. 60 degrees 8:00. spotty shower and storm. things clear out. 70s tomorrow with a blend of sunshine. note the showers from the city on pointing north. cecil county you'll get into showers. maybe small hail with some of these spot showers and a rumble of thunder. middle river essex reporti
still in the 50s. so we're still dealing with dry air out there. and with that, that is why i'm thinking that the showers that come up over the mountains will break up when they run into the dry air. glen burnie 57 and dew point of 53. hour-by-hour forecast, 78 by lunchtime and afternoon temperature around 3:00 to 4:00, 83 degrees. and the clouds may thicken up and possibly a stray shower. and now over to lauren cook and abc2 news timesaver traffic. >>> we have patchy fog in the region. that will be a big problem this morning. so you'll want to slow down and be careful as you head out. but we have a crash to tell you about in howard county. this is on route 1. this is something to keep in mind. and as far as the beltway is concerned, it's really picking up right now on the northwest corner. here's what it looks like on old court road. you're looking at a 11 minute ride. as we check in and take a look at other drive times, no problems to report on the beltway from parkville all the way up towards towson. and for those of you using the jfx, no problems to report and no delays, just 11 minu
at the present now. so your forecast shows us into the 70s through the course of this evening. cloudy. and temperatures falling from the 68 mark to the upper 50s, and then we'll wake up to around 60 degrees as we head into tomorrow morning. we do have an active tropic picture over the central atlantic. this is tropical storm nadine. we'll talk more about her and your weekend forecast coming up in a bit. >>> thank you. it was just wednesday that the state health officials let us know that a second person in maryland had died from the west nile virus. now anne arundel county has confirmed a third case of the virus this week, although this one was not deadly that is still two fewer than the county had last year. several counties have been spraying for mosquitoes to stop the spread of the virus. >>> a terrible morning for people in one essex neighborhood. baltimore county police say this man set fire to a carport, several vehicles and a boat. jamie brown lives in the neighborhood. and he had two vehicles in his carport burned along with a boat. he told us he doesn't believe the fire was s
it's a beautiful evening. a nice afternoon, crisp afternoon with temperatures getting into the 60s. glen burnie at 66. huntingtown at 68. look at manchester, already down to 60 degrees. you'll be well on your way into the 40s. going out to the game, first pitch at 7:35, 55 degrees. temperatures falling through the course of the game well into the upper 50s at the 9th inning. >> maybe more. who knows. clear skies but things change by the mid-week. there's a storm over the rockies. >> we have the forecast coming up. >> the peace and quiet of the waterfront may have people on guard. in at least two of the cases the thieves didn't have to work too hard. >> you come to annapolis to relax. some people may relax too much. there were several car break-in the last couple of days. >> not all were break-ins. in one case the car had its windows down. in another the car was unlocked and the keys were in it. that car was stolen. >> if you have to keep your laptop in your car for some reason, put it in the trunk where no one can see it, your phone, gps unit just so it's out of sight. >> done carr
with faster wireless networks in the u.s. and overseas. apple stock closed up yesterday, nearly $670 a share. >> off in chicago, the strike is grinding on leaving 350,000 students out of the classroom for a fourth consecutive day. the school district said it has presented the union with a proposal, and its negotiators are demanding a response or counter proposal. the head of the teachers union said it will take some team to work things out. they're still, miles apart. a lot of the teachers, they're dealing with public perception. the polls still, still show support from the parents for the teachers, but they're going to start running out of money. keep in mind they're not getting paid. a little stipend. fed ration of teachers offering low interest loans to chicago teachers who might need money to make it through the strike. they're struggling financially. >> tidbit. longest teachers streak in the history of chicago, 19 days in 1987. >> not the loppingest teacher streak on record nationwide. '68, new york was 36 days. >> my goodness. you know who suffers, the kids. come on, negotiate. >>> cre
faris. we begin with the latest u.s. response to those deadly attacks on americans. a navy destroyer is now in the waters off the libyan coast. a second warship is due there shortly. and 50 elite marines head to tripoli where they will shore up security around the u.s. embassy. >> president obama vows that justice will be done. and flags are being flown at half-staff in memory of those who died. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: with cities across the arab world tense, and facing violent anti-american demonstrations, u.s. navy forces have moved two missile destroyers to the coast of libya. there was a second night of unrest in egypt. protesters took to the streets, angry over an anti-muslim film. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to keep a crowd away from the u.s. embassy in cairo. on the streets of benghazi, libya, a different picture. hundreds of demonstrators rallied in support of america. they said the attack by on the consulate was carried out by a rogue group of militants. four americans were killed, including the ambassador to libya, chris stevens, a
. the full story. >> and 75 today. when will be look at more 80's? abc 2news starts right now. >> we start with a breaking news update out of baltimore. an elderly couple found dead. >> no suspects right now. let's go to christian. >> reporter: yeah. neighbors say a younger man had been living with that couple not far from pikesville. police say there were no signs of forced entry in to the house. they are looking for that younger man tonight. the investigation lasted late into the evening with photographs being taken inside the well kept home. two people were killed here, an elderly couple, neighbors say they were in their 80s. >> reporter: earlier a neighbor called police after getting a call from a regularrive -- a relative of the couple. >> we looked in the window, saw a man on the floor. officers made forced entry in to the home to check it out. found a female in the basement. >> reporter: police aren't saying how they died. >> the persons were dead from injuries. . >> reporter: police worry someone came in and targeted them but police haven't commented on another man who had been
degrees. we should be in the 80s. 90 winchester today. dulles 90. packs river about 85. humidity values, dew point numbers running and 70 degrees, making it feel like the 90s. 96 in inner harbor. frederick like 100 degrees. very, very toasty evening turning in to a warm and muggy overnight. one storm north of harford county that's dissipated much of the baltimore viewing area looking good. storms towards the west of maryland and oversouth central pennsylvania. the story is this storm system, parked over the ohio valley. this is going to be moving in to the area, late tomorrow afternoon, and in to tomorrow evening, notice the storms fired along this. we are anticipating severe weather, could be isolated tornados, we will talk about that in full detail coming up. >>> a baltimore man faces 57 years behind bars after pleading guilty to his role in a series of armored car robberies that spanned two years. jeff hager has details about the crime spree were rewitnessed menty of robberies targeting armored cars before. 27 year old david howard and his accomplicesl0fpulled off five heists in howa
towards the mountain. you heard me talk all week how the dew point have been in the 40s and the 50s. with that, that is dry air in place so that is going to fizzle out and we'll be dry. so that is what i'm thinking as we go through the afternoon. but all and all, the temperatures coming in seasonable in edge mere but we're cool in columbia coming in around 52. this is that hour-by-hour forecast for you. as we go through the day. the clouds will begin to move in here. and i'll call it partly cloudy and temperature around 78 as we head into lunchtime for today. and now a check of the abc2 news timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we have a little patchy fog. >>> that is a problem across the region. so be careful as you head out. we have our first crash of the day in howard county right in ellicott city on waterloo road and snowed in river parkway. for those of you heading to interstate 70, we'll be delay free from columbia pike up to 695. this is how traffic is shaping up on 695 right now. the west side is nice and clear. and here, we're starting to pick up on the outer loop. but you'r
challenging last night. >>> it was wild, especially in that d.c. area. take a look at the numbers. low 70s. upper 60s in hagerstown. 72 in d.c. where they had the wild weather. it's a light steady northwesterly wind gusting at 10, over 15 miles per hour. where's the rain from yesterday? the whole boundary, the whole system all offshore. behind that high pressure, sunny skies and a bit of a chill north wind. we'll fall through the 60s and end up in the 40s by first thing tomorrow morning. dress warm for that morning commute or bus sto. much more straight ahead. >> 48, whoa. >>> back to class in chicago. teachers anded their set of -- seven day strike. it left many parents scrambling to arrange child care but everybody is back today. >>> today there is a battle over patterson park. the city is pushing for more parking space but people believe this park is worth fighting for. >> reporter: imagine being able to drive through patterson park into three parking lots that would akromm date up to 96 cars for the casino and the seniors. here's a map of what the proposed improvements would be. >> we
to the pen crushing the man's ankle. first responders saved the man s. man is obsessed with siberian tigers. the man is expected to survive. >>> if you are a pareof a teenager, you maybe to blame for their driving habits. 91% of teenagers say their parents talk on cell phones while driving. 94% of teenagers say their parents speed, and 59% say they have seen parents text and drive. experts say that teens mirror their parents behavior. drivers ages 16-19 are four times more likely than older drivers to get in to a crash. >>> baltimore shined brightly at the emmies. bowen won for best supporting actress for modern family and it took home best comedy for the third year. julia louise dreyfuss won for her role. >>> dancing with the stars, it stefs off tonight. of the 13 stars, 16 are champs. three of the stars finished third place, two finished in third and on tonight's episode, there are reports that the pairs will dance the fox trot or the cha cha. >> we will check with our expert coming up on that. >>> 330 marylanders hit the open water for a great cause. this is the scene off of gibson islan
perfect conditions for your monday afternoon, and we'll get into the 70s during the course of your afternoon. double trouble in the atlantic. two systems that we'll talk about and your seven-day forecast coming up. >>> in democrat 2012 news, president obama back at the white house tonight. he returned this evening after a weekend campaign swing through florida, one of the biggest of the battleground states. in 58 days america will head to the polls. the race is expected to hinge on independent voters in a few swing states. here's ann compton. >> at the last stop on his two- day battleground state tour, president obama told the west palm beach crowd that his fate is in their hands. >> if we win palm beach county we will win florida, and if we win florida, we win this election. >> the republican challenger mitt romney, it was obamacare and what sounds like backing off the pledge for full repeal. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. there are a number of things i like in health care reform i'm going to put in place. one is to make sure those with preexisting conditions
across town. 88 in the city. most spots in to the 80s this afternoon. dew point in to the 70 mark. 96 feels like in the inner harbor. it feels hot, not for september standards. maryland's most popular doppler, a spot shower and storm, north of baltimore county. towards the wests another strong storm moving north of washington county, it's about the complex of storms over ohio. you see severe thunderstorm watches and warnings this is a cold front that's going to be pushing in our direction. >>> a day after his death, former ravens owner's son is speaking out for the first time. david and his brother john were by their father's side for his final moments at johns hopkins hospital. >>e had a moment with my father at the hospitals with four players, the head coach, the owner, that i think easily rivals my father receiving the super bowl trophy in 2000. it was the most, one of the most special moments of my life that i will never forget. it is no surprise this organization is in the position to succeed because it is filled, filled, with wonderful, warm and kind people. >> art and his late
. >>> tonight on "world news," under attack. americans placed on alert at u.s. embass sis after that surprise assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. the ambassador and three other americans killed. who did it? is al queda striking again? unveiled. will the new iphone create american jobs? and what was the big idea inside the brand-new phone? >>> and, fast cash -- think robin hood meets al capone. a bank robbery suspect in a high speed chase tosses money out of the window as stunned bypassers scramble in the path of police. >>> good evening. as we are coming on the air we are learning a lot more about that surprise assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. americans were under attack for five hours and today, four of them are dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, the dedicated chris stevens, and here at home flags flying half staff in their honor as tonight embassies around the world have been put on alert warned against demonstrations and violent attacks, particularly these seven on the map. seven u.s. embassies. u.s. marines rushed to libya. who did this and did al qaeda
on american troops at a checkpoint, killing four u.s. service members. and it comes as we learn nor details about that other attack by the taliban on a separate base in afghanistan. there, the attackers dressed in american uniformed killed two marines and set eight fighter jets ablaze. abc's mohamed lila has the latest. >> reporter: david, many american soldiers here are on edge tonight. four more u.s. troops killed by the very afghan policemen that they're working alongside. it comes after the taliban launched one of the biggest ever attacks against a coalition base. it's supposed to be one of the safest bases in the country. so fortified, no one could ever breach it. on friday night, the unthinkable happened. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall. storming inside with automatic rifles, suicide velss and grenade launchers. >> the taliban were able to execute this attack in a quite professional manner. they were able to pose as farmers and watching how the marines worked on base, where they worked. >> reporter: all coalition bases here in afghanist
. there are now 51 u.s. kons lalts and embassies and they are warning u.s. citizens to be extra vigilant. our team is covering all the angles and abc's lama hasan starts us off in the streets of cairo today. >> reporter: tonight, diane, even at this late hour, the protests are not letting up. it has been a day of rage aimed squarely at the u.s. security forces defending the embassy, hitting hard, firing tear gas, forcing them away. protesters pushing forward -- throwing back tear gas canisters. a crowd so inflamed with anger, this is as close as we can get to the u.s. embassy. the egyptian army has just arrived outside the building. police won't let us go anywhere near it and even from where we are standing, you can hear the security forces firing volley after volley of tear gas. there's definitely a feeling that a crackdown is about to begin. 1,300 miles away in yemen, demonstrators climbed over a metal fence surrounding the u.s. embassy. they poured through the compound, breaking windows. frightening scenes, but officials say the protestors did not breach more critical security inside the compou
in afghanistan. two u.s. marines have been killed. we don't know if it is related to the same anti-american protests raging in the region but it comes on a day when america witnessed a somber co homecoming. sean smith, glen dougherty, tyrone woods and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. their kas gets met by their grieving family and president obama. we'll have more on what the president and the secretary of state said to the families and to the nation in just a moment. but first, back to the latest on the afghanistan attacks we're learning of. martha raddatz in washington tonight. martha, what do we know? >> reporter: this is what we know right now. it was a big attack on camp bastian in southern afghanistan. this is a base divided between a british side and an american side and it was a complex attack, involving many militants. as you said, two marines killed, three or four wounded and two harrier air draft damaged. the attack was carried out with rockets and small arms fire. it is apparently coming under control now, though, david. >> and martha, as we said at the top of the broadcas
arrested. >>> all right. well, chilly evening. temperatures falling back rapidly into the 50s. take a look right now. 50s over the eastern shore. 54 degrees in hankers town and winchester at this hour. take a look out towards the west. do have a frost advisory. in fact, washington county easily get into the 40s and 30s for tonight. forecast leaping up through monday morning commute, 49 degrees will be eventually into the 60s around lunch time and on our way to the 67 or 71 degree mark late in the afternoon. another really gorgeous day monday and tuesday but changes in the 7-day forecast. we'll share that with you coming up in just a little bit. >>> thanks, mike. celebration has turned to sadness at the national zoo in washington. a giant panda cub born weeks ago died this morning. so what happened and why are newborn pandas so fragile? here's abc 2 news reyna. >> it was the wailing of distress from the panda mother that alerted people at the national zoo in washington dc that the cub was in trouble. >> this is devastating for all of us here. it's hard to describe how much passion and energ
. a young man in his late teens to early 0s was seen -- 20s was seen sprawled out in the street. >> homicide detectives were called because of the seriousness of the victim's injuries. we have no motive. they're busy processing the scene along with people from our crime lab. >> police said they're still looking for suspects in the barrel avenue shooting as well as the alameda shooting. roosevelt leftwich. >>> a convenience store clerk is shot during an attempted robbery in baltimore county. it happened at 1:40 this morning at the speedy mark on hollins ferry road. when the clerk hesitated, police say the suspect shot him twice. the clerk was treated and release. anyone with information is skad -- asked to call the baltimore county police. >>> all right. take a look at the current flash flooding setup. heavy downpours that we see reaching up the i-83 corridor. rain reaching to reisterstown and beyond. this is a significant amount of tropical moisture. this is what was once isaac, now just scattered rain and a tremendous amount of humidity and moisture that will keep headed our way. this will
have known about the safe house in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. militants found it without a problem. >> hoond sight is 20/20. 30 american staffers and libyans were taken to the safe house. the government will not shut down at the end of the month thanks to a spending bill passed last night by the house. a stopgap budget band-aid to pay the bills, postpones negotiations over spending until after the election. paul ryan approved it. but this plan calls for $19 billion more in spending than his plan. the senate expects to pass the bill next week. >> did we see bipartisan action there? >> think we did. >> my goodness. apple reaching out to kus messieurs who cannot wait to get the iphone 5. making the smart phone now for online preorders. otherwise, face long lines when retale stores open up later this morning. prices for the thinner, lighter, model start at $199. they will arrive in stores in one week. going to have to pony up money for the new adapter and man adapter to the adapter. i like the new panoramic option though. >> looks pretty cool. must say. >> uh-huh. your friday forecast.
't think he's positive of what his motivation s i think you're dealing with a child who was motivated they commit suicide by cop. what he was dog was being -- doing was acting out in a terrible fashions in the hope that someone would pull the trigger on him. >> the attorney has requested that the judge transfer him tooff nile court. >>> two incidents involving a dunn in baltimore county schools. the new superintendent, dallas dance is starting a dialogue with parents. it will be open to you the public, so the remaining meetings will take place september 20th, 23rd and 1st of october. for more information, just check the local news tab and click on baltimore county. >> baltimore county schools did confirm that a rumor was going around at ken wood high school that someone was going to bring a gun to school. they believe it started threw text messages. the school policy is that schools get locked down. officials said the school was not locked downoday. >>> classes were back in session at morgan state. a 19-year-old, who was not a student, was shot in the stomach in the school's student c
are in their 20s and 40s and were taken to the hospital with knop-life- threatening injuries. the police say the shooting may have been drug related. they're still looking for a suspect. >>> new information tonight on a double murder in pikesville. the couple was found murdered in their home in the 600 block of the avenue. they wanted to speak with their grandson about that situation. we have learned long has been taken to a hospital in oklahoma. the police say they haven't been able to interview him yet, but they're now officially calling him a suspect in the murders. >>> anne arundel county has now confirmed a third, non-fatal case of west nile virus in that county. that is still two fewer than the county had all of last year. so far there have been 25 reported cases of the disease in maryland, and two of the victims have died. most people who get the virus so mild or no symptoms at all. >> it is a flu-like illness from headache, fever, muscle aches, and body -- other body aches as well as rash or swollen limp nodes. >>> harsher symptoms may involve severe headache, neck stiffness, muscle
expected fans. the weather is perfect. hopefully the o. s can send the fans home happy. will it stay that way. we will check in with mike to see if he can send us in to the weekend with a biging on smile. >> we are going to deal with a beautiful night for the gail. one storm that bubbled up over harford. another cluster hagerstown. i don't anticipate this moving in to the city limits. there is a line, a prefrontal line of storms moving through ohio. this stats to break up. this brings the chance of weather, isolated tornado by tomorrow. we will break out the details and give you a timeline coming up in labor day. >>> the roar of the crowds after jones's home run is ringing in ear's. fans are hunting for ticket. fans back down to camden yards. brian kuebler, one of the biggest baseball fans is live right now and has everyone smiling. >> reporter: everybody is smiling ear to ear. for a good chunk of downtown, as go the o's goes their businesses. this is about the economics of the heart as well. it's long been argued in this charming city of ours, is baltimore is football town, or a ba
were triggered by a new film critical of the prophet mohamed, even claiming he was a pedophile. the u.s. is on alert. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is working with other governments to ensure that american interests and people are protected. >>> the white house is downplaying reports of a rift between the u.s. and israel over iran's nuclear ambitions. president obama and israeli minister netanyahu, speaking by they agreed to continue close consultations over iran. this unusual late-night announcement from the white house comes after netanyahu criticized the obama administration over the iran policy. >> the u.n. has just found new intelligence showing iran is moving toward nuclear weapon capability. and, there are reports from israeli media that netanyahu was trying to set up this meeting with president obama, lateren the month. even offering to come to d.c. at president obama's discretion. and, the white house declined it. but, a lot of people think, because this, information is now been disseminated he will make time. >> you would think so. a bit of a big squeeze, is
, into the 70s in most spots. 74 in town. easton at 73. dulles checking in at 76 at the present hour. rain cooled 60s back over charleston, roanoke. 68 degrees. first pitch at 7:05. increasing clouds. no spotty showers. showers by tomorrow morning's commute at 60. we'll time the arrival of the showers coming up in just a little bit. >>> a baltimore mother who was shot in the neck earlier this year is making real progress. now she has a new tool to make her life easier. christian schaffer has been following her story. this lady has been through so much. >> reporter: she was shot in the neck and paralyzed from the neck down. now shaunice can do much more. the company presented it to her this morning. when we first met her earlier this year sholy after the shooting she had a computer she could use but she had to move her head around to use it. now with this new one she can operate it by using her eyes. that makes it much easier to communicate with her family. she can take and send photos. she is strong enough to breathe and talk on her own. >> i feel much better. >> reporter: she was shot in
to get in to the 70s. ellicott, same deal, upper 70s. look at the blue sky, here comes the clouds this place through the course of the evening. brand new high-definition camera, looking out towards the east, we are looking at clouds rolling back in to the picture. shot downtown, we are at 75 degrees, things look good, look at daytime highs today. quite the contrast, 79 at bwi. oakland was a struggle to get to 60 degrees this afternoon. easton, hot spot 82 degrees. ocean city 76. 78 down at packs river. mild afternoon, that's it for the 80-degree temperatures at least for the next 48 perhaps 72 hours as we will see cooler air coming in to play. dew point numbers have also been knocked down. you notice more humid back over the eastern shore, dew point numbers in to the 60s. you could see rain showers around from easton, towards the eastern shoreline. high-definition satellite showing the clouds in place through the course of the evening. planner reflects the clouds that will stay with us. 71 through the course of the evening. chance of a spotty shower. nice wake up, 57 degrees, on
seasonal note. upper 70's. some spots hit the 80s. clear across maryland. changes ahead from the frontal edition. could produce showers and gusty thunderstorms. in the meantime a quiet situation overnight with just a few clouds. we go toward 80. >> all right. we never know just how we will handle most situations until we are in them when a child was trapped in a burning building in pikesville two men jumped in to action and they don't want to be recognized for what they did. one day the little boy they saved will have quite the story to tell. >> they are. >> reporter: at 21 months brodie is full of smiles. >> mommy. >> reporter: unaware of the real danger he was in just hours earlier. >> crews arrived to find heavy smoke. multiple people were trapped inside. >> reporter: two that were trapped abrodie and her mother. shelf ran out to the balcony and she saw the work crew and saw them yeping for help. >> we have three landscaping workers working on the property. they saw the child and mother on the third floor. they threw it to the third flew and brought the child down. >> reporter: t
. temperatures out to the west in the 70s. eastern shore numbers into the 70s. maryland's most powerful radar is clear. we're tracking a band of showers moving through west virginia and virginia. this is off toward the south. more showers are off toward the west. that's when we introduce the chance for rain showers coming into the picture. if you're doing down to the game 68. first pitch at 7:05. lake gentle southerly winds at 5 to 106789 the rain chances will hold off until after midnight. nighttime temperatures 6 4-6rbgs wake -- 64. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. >> let's go down to the yard and check in with jamie. five more chances to push. >> front -- toronto blue jays. there will be a lot of people in the stands cheering him on. we want to cheer on the heads grounds keeper. her name is nicole sherry and she is the woman with the greatest looking lawn in baltimore. she is a university of delaware graduate and she is pulling for the o's to make post season. like an artist can detect flaws, she, too, can detect the greenest blades of grass. give it an every day shade in the morni
today about the death of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans in libya. could they have been protected from the deadly attack? >>> runway rumble. a fight between two flight attendants broadcast on the passenger intercom. it delays an american airlines jet for hours. >>> sky high. the woman with a fear of heights trapped like this for four hours, 300 feet up. how did her husband come to the rescue? >>> and, robin's journey. a big day for our robin roberts. as she gets her bone marrow transplant and sends a message from a room filled with prayer. >>> good evening. we begin with the president, sending off heated questions tonight about the death of the u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans who served in libya. both the president and the secretary of state, hillary clinton, were pressed to answer whether this could have and 140u8d have been prevented. and abc's jon karl starts us off tonight. >> reporter: it was the very first question for president obama at a univision forum in miami today. why wasn't there more security at the u.s. consulate in libya? he didn'
new details on just how close he got. >>> breaking this morning -- four u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan, as we learn new details of the brazen and deadly attack on that u.s. housing prince harry, was he the target? and is he putting other soldiers at risk? >>> gorillas in her midst. the astonishing video going viral this morning. the animal activist who let his 18-month-old toddler play with this 300-pound gorilla. how does this father justify it? >>> and he's being called the hottest man in the world, brace yourself, ladies, he's here. the world's top male model. the face that launched a thousand ad campaigns. he joins us live this morning. are you ready for this? >>> it is cool outside this morning in new york city, but the temperature is rising here in the studio. check this out. we have who's called the hottest man in the world, this morning, and this is what happened back in the makeup room moments ago. >> you mind if i get a red bull? >> sure. >> thank you. >> all of the ladies here at "good morning america" dressing to the nines this morning. an ginger, you got to
. dew point values running well in the 70s. we'll classify that as a tropical feel. that will be the case through the evening. 76 8:00. 11:00 it is 73 degrees. 70s waking up. low 80s for tomorrow afternoon. all about shower variety and heavy downpours over the southern portions of the state. out towards the west this is leftovers from isaac funneling in in our direction. we have a frontal system just south. here's where isaac will be set up over the lower ohio valley. this combination will bring a stormy scenario. it is not going to rain every hour of the day over the next three days, we'll see spotty showers and thunder. there is the timeline. we'll stop it at 7:00 in the morning. good downpour pointing south and d.c. 70s going into the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. spotty showers again. better shot of heavier weather coming in tuesday afternoon. this is southeast of ocean city several thousand miles. notice it is a slow mover moving northwest eventually trying to go towards the north. this looks to bring a cat two status by the end of this week. we mentioned this be
in the amount of officers they assigned hasn't changed since the 70s. we have to address that. >> now scott said he's already spoken to incoming police officer anthony batts. police say they have very few leads and have made little progress in finding the suspect. coming up at six we head out to the neighborhood and have reaction to the two murders that happened a block away. >>> city detectives investigating applies involved shooting. police got a call for a robbery in the 4200 block of pottery street. the officers tried to question him but he started struggling and a backup officer fired at least one shot hitting the man in the stomach. the man was taken to maryland shock trauma. >> your weather today is cool. temperatures making it in the upper 60s to around 70. things will cool off in a big way. 68 in d.c. north and west of town in the lower and middle 60s. we'll see a lot of radiational cooling. we have the second part of this double header going in tonight at 7:35. temperatures will be in the 50s, crisp and cool and waking up tomorrow morning to 52. there's a warming trend in the seven-day
, southwestern pennsylvania. i think that will be headed our way tomorrow. temperatures up in the mid 70s, that is just sticky conditions. as a result it feels like close to 90 in the heart of the city. that is unusual for early september. 70s over night and then back into the mid and upper 80s tomorrow with scattered showers and storms. >>> a former olympian is being held in our state as a fugitive from charges in new york. authorities are not releasing details against the 50-year-old figure skating coach. he is being jailed until an extradition hearing tomorrow morning. he represented the soviet union back in the 88 olympics and competed across europe in the 1980s. >>> the coast guard has suspended the search for two people who fell over board from their boat in bayside beach on labor day. the coast guard suspended the search after going over 155 square miles. >>> a hit and run crash injured a hartford county woman. the vehicle involved in the crash is a 1997 light blue lincoln town car. the car struck a 28-year-old woman who was taken to shock trauma and has since ben released the driv
near north parkway. the men are in their 20s and 40s, both victims shot in the arm. they were found in a car. but the shooting did not happen at that location. the police believe it happened somewhere else and they drove to the area. they were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. and the police are looking for the gunman and the motive remains unclear. >>> a baltimore family is looking for your help. they're looking for someone that killed someone dear to them. we're talking about freddie king. he dropped his son off at the barbershop and shortly after he was found close to that place with his car running and shot that is on kent street and cherry hill. he was taken to shock trauma where he later died. >> he was a good dude, a good man, a good father, good brother, good friend. >> investigators right now say that they have little to go on. so if you saw anything, if you know anything, you're asked to call the baltimore city police. >>> today there is a hearing for a suspected white house shooter. his name is oscar hernandez from idaho. the police say that he ope
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